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Dr Ara Elmajian


With a busy dental and medical practice a functional website was an important facet of the marketing.  They had an existing website; however, although they paid in full for the site, it was never completed.

The client was not able to edit the website, there was no method to capture email addresses, nor was there a contact marketing system set up to keep in touch with patients and generate prospective new patients.

The situation caused frustration and the website was not a marketing asset in that state.

We did a minor redesign of the site, integrated a newsletter sign-up form and set up an email management system, rebuilt the website to include a content management system, optimized the site for search and taught their administrator how to edit the website, add pages and use the email management program.


The client is able to manage the site in-house with Nota Bene providing occasional technical support. The email marketing system generates interest and calls from current clients and appointments from new clients. We are also there to do the marketing for the client when they don’t have time.

Mindful Movement Inc.

Although they had a website for years before the redesign and rebuild, their site was not found through search. The design did not reflect the professional nature of their business; it looked amateurish. The only way someone could visit the website was if they already knew the address or the business name. New business from parents in their target geographical area was not forthcoming. They were not able to sell or take registrations so all the sales were on the phone – nothing was automated.

We created a new, professional, attractive, design and built the site to meet current technical standards.

  • A shopping cart was integrated to facilitate the sale of e-workbook occupational therapy tools created by the client.
  • A system to capture contact information and build a targeted newsletter list was incorporated.
  • The site once optimized for search was, within two weeks, of the launch, on the first page of Google for their key search phrases.
  • A blog was added – also very search friendly.
  • We taught them how to easily edit their website.


They opted to have us manage the site for them so they can focus on working with children and designing new occupational therapy products because they have been very busy working with all the new clients their website has helped to generate. The sales of products from the site added another stream of income that is hands and maintenance free.

Tools For Kids Inc.


The same client, Mindful Movement Inc. purchased an existing retail business supplying pediatric occupational therapy tools to parents and teachers. The business was not selling online when it was bought.

The day our client took over, we launched their new site, under a new name and sales skyrocketed.

Family Caregivers’ Network Society


This non-profit association formed in Victoria, BC, in 1990. The organization had a huge existing website that was dated in design, was architecturally unwieldy, required ongoing support and was not user friendly from a visitor or management perspective.


Staff are able to manage the site themselves with the instruction we provided. They are saving money on postage with the expansion of the electronic newsletter and are now using a professional email delivery system to ensure they comply with CanSpam. We provide, very occasional technical support. They receive compliments from their clients on a regular basis related to the look of their website and the ease of finding information and are able to serve their clients better due to the improved usability.

RedTail Landing Golf Club

The clients existing website was not up to current standards from a design, usability or technical perspective. They opted to keep their logo, but requested a new look for their business cards, brochure, rate card, membership card and envelope.

The project included an update of the design of their print materials and website. The website goal was to incorporate ae easy to use content management system, add a blog, incorporate the “book a tee time” feature, improve usability, add new photos, testimonials and most importantly – improve the search results.

As they say in golf – never up, never in. If their site is not found on the same page as their competition when someone searches, chances are they will not be considered for either a round of golf or an event.


The site and marketing materials have an updated, professional look while maintaining their already recognizable logo. Additional images and testimonials reflect more current events and experiences. The site is on the first page of Google for some of their prime keyword phrases. Business has increased.

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