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We are #1, and blown away!

I wanted to drop you a note and let you know how delighted we are at the positioning on the search engines. My biggest fear was that switching websites was going to drop our response rate and lose all the ranking we had.

We had 10 inquiries in just over 2 weeks… and I know it is going to get better and better.

Thank you so much for helping us without a single glitch.

Dr Natasha Iyer

“I got into internet marketing back in 1995 – the dark ages of cyberspace. Over the years I have started a number of business ventures which require a professional presence on the web. I’ve worked with many web designers and so called internet gurus who lacked the complete package of expertise I needed. It took me 14 years to find Nancy Fraser – the only true one stop shop I have found who can combine a professional looking web page, the business savvy to know how to find my target market, and best of all – she actually listens then executes what I want.

If you want to maximize your time and money I would highly recommend the services of Nancy Fraser and her team.”

Bill Ridley
N. Vancouver

“After enduring 2 years of frustration with a previous website design company, racking up a huge bill and still ending up with a horrible website, Nancy Fraser came into our lives. Thank goodness! She helped to redesign our site, making it user friendly and fresh and at a fraction of the cost we had been paying. She encouraged me to use a program to edit our own website as well as another one to send out our own newsletter which has helped to grow our business.”

Susan Elmajian

“Choosing Nancy and her team at Nota Bene Consulting was one of the smartest moves I have made. From the re-design of my website, to marketing advice, to ongoing technical support, Nota Bene have proven time and time again that they know their stuff.  They are able to walk that fine line between doing what needs to get done and honouring my spirit and vision. The result is a collaborative effort that consistently moves my business forward.

Laurel Vespi, Certified Life Coach, Author

We contracted Nota Bene Consulting based on a referral from my highly respected friend, Kim Duke. (
Nancy went to great lengths to learn what we wanted, and then created 2 websites that are far better than we imagined.

Nancy will soon be engaging us in extensive training so we can manage the sites, newsletter, and blog by ourselves.  She has become a great friend and a trusted advisor.

Dan Ohler

“Choosing Nancy’s team has provided me with a wealth of experience that I don’t have to research to get. She shares her knowledge, expertise and lessons with pizzazz that helps me make efficient business decisions that are also profitable. She has patience which is invaluable, when dealing with ideas and creative stuff.

~ Kimberly Schick-Puddicombe, Publisher
The Little Black Book for busy families

“After trying several ‘free’ offers I realized I was trying to achieve something important with very little knowledge. I had wasted hours on these ‘projects’. Then I hired Nancy to create my site. She let me know how my choices would affect my website as my business grows. Her training and support is a blessing. My website is everything I want it to be!“~ ,

Carla Janzen

“Nancy and the team at Nota Bene made a huge difference in my business. My website is now found on the first page of Google for many of my key phrases and I get constant compliments on the new design. Thank you!

Kimberly Law

“I approached Nota Bene Consulting to help me improve the traffic and conversions on the site where I sell my all natural odor removing products. With her help on search engine optimisation, the traffic went up 171% almost instantly and amazingly, 1/3 of site visitors are buying!  …Thank you Nancy!

Wendy Ratel

“Nancy & her web design team at Nota Bene were awesome to work with! She took the time & patience to walk us through the steps of the process and answer all of our questions when things went beyond our technical knowledge.
Our company website has moved from being invisible on Google to #2 on the 1st page!
We received immediate traffic and referrals”

Rachel Mindful Movement Inc.

“As someone familiar with the advertising world, I’m amazed at Nancy’s  knowledge and ability to keep up with all the trends. From twitter to SEO to article linking, she understands the range of constantly-changing web marketing strategies. She is trustworthy, a straight-shooter and always seems to have the answer.

Andrea Noble

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