Brand Boring or Brand Buzz

Posted on Friday, December 10th, 2010 by nancy.

I heard an advertisement on the radio the other day that surprised me, not because they were saying anything noteworthy, but because it was so banal. It was a national company’s ad. They pay an ad agency to write and produce their commercials. It did not communicate one iota of brand personality or positioning.

There are so many words at their disposal, so many descriptions, so many emotional statements to attract customers, why would they use the trite phrase, “knowledgeable, friendly staff to serve you”? Even if they couldn’t think of anything exciting, they could have used, “if we don’t have the answer, we’ll find it for you”, “we specialize in providing answers”…”specializing in premium products and effective solutions”. ”Try and stump the staff with your questions, they love a challenge”. “We don’t have all the answers but we’ll help find solutions”

Connect emotionally with the consumer!

If you have nothing new to say, you can still say it with style, create a connection to the consumer or create a buzz. Use customers’ experiences and what they have to say, to create a unique message. There is a reason that a purchaser comes to you rather than the competition. You may have to ask a number of questions to get to the real reason. Even if the only reason is that you are closer than the can say, How lucky for us! And make a joke about it.

You brand your business with an attitude, your attitude.

If you present your business in a blasé manner, people will be blasé about your business too.

Ho Hum is not something you can take to the bank! Building a recognizable brand offers measurable results, measurable through increased response, increased traffic, and increased attention. Take a stand, choose a niche and communicate it from a different perspective.

Yes, you do want friendly, knowledgeable staff working in your business, but if you want to convey that or any other message to prospective customers, present the information so they pay attention.

Forget the clichés and take some time to put together words that mean something to your prospective customers.

Be who you say you are and build trust in the relationships you form with your customers.

Branding is about consistency in every customer experience, advertisement and communication.

The One BIG Idea Branding Workbook may be just the tool to help you get started defining your brand.

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