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Posted on Thursday, February 10th, 2011 by nancy.

The internet has removed geographical limitations, reduced many business costs and allowed us and our employees more flexibility in getting the work done.. Theoretically, we should be doing more business; however many business owners get hung up on trying to take on the whole world at once.

“The bigger-is-better form of evangelism may have past. The emerging generation has been so advertised, media-tised and oversold that the smaller, quieter and more authentic is the growing edge of their experience.”

Craig Detweiler

Yes, you can reach a lot of people online but if no one is listening, if you are selling, selling, selling without giving up anything of yourself (or anything else)… who you are or why people do business with you….you aren’t leading.

This brow beating method of anonymous marketing & selling was never the way to create a sustainable business. Just because the internet provides easy access to more people, lots of whom are using this method, doesn’t mean it’s effective.

  • It wears prospects out fast.
  • Your churn rate goes up.
  • It takes larger and larger numbers of connections to make a sale.
  • You end up working way too hard.

Plan to balance your marketing between on & off line.

Get to know your customers & what they want (not just from you).

  1. Live what you believe.
  2. Share what you believe.
  3. Help your prospects see and want the dream you are selling.

Uber successful bloggers such as Vancouver’s @Miss604 (Rebecca Bollwitt) say that one of the “marketing” activities they participate in that has the greatest impact on their business success is speaking & participating in events attended by both their peers & prospects….-no selling required!

Rebecca’s fans are evangelists in spreading the word about the blog where she shares her authentic self and interests!

Attract first & then look for the money

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