It’s all about communicating!

How to get the results you want when hiring a designer.

Communication design takes into consideration font, colour, images and symbols. A talented designer uses all of these to create a compelling and effective message that persuades a specific audience.

  1. Provide specific information, including what you want to achieve and your target market, to ensure you obtain the best result.
  2. Before you start, gather any images, logos and text.
  3. If possible provide samples of previous materials and identify what did not work and what did as well as any changes required.
  4. What is your deadline?
  5. Who will approve the work?
  6. What’s your budget?
  7. Contact information for any other individuals involved and exactly what their responsibility is regarding the project.

Although it’s acceptable to ask what approach the designer will take, designers do not work on spec so requesting creative ideas without a contract in place is not acceptable.

Has the designer told you how many revisions are included in the contract and what those revisions consist of? If not, ask. Be clear on the point at which your work is beyond the scope of the contract.

The best results are achieved by choosing a designer whose work you like and giving them a freehand to design.

Remember, your Brand (personality) should be consistent, instantly recognizable and familiar without being boring, in all of your graphic design materials.

Research printers and request quotes before the graphic design work is completed. The graphic designer needs to know if you are planning to print by offset or digital process.

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