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Visitors to your website sometimes find your site once and even though they are interested, may never find their way back to you again.

You can add an RSS feed to your site to allow people to receive either email notification when you add new content or read any new content in Google reader. Ideally, you will offer both and also include an ezine sign up, to enable you to build your database by collecting email addresses and with permission, send out a newsletter on a regular basis.

SPAM is growing exponentially. If your ezine is not recognized by the subscriber, it may be relegated to the junk mail folder. Or even worse, reported to Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, Google or one of the other free email providers as SPAM which can impede your ability to send email to anyone using their services.

Have a unique design template, one that is branded with the same graphics and colours as your business card, website, and brochures…in fact all of your marketing materials to ensure that your email instantly recognizable.

You are busy; sometimes so busy that you miss the elements that are crucial to the success of your email campaign. A custom email newsletter template that incorporates your contact information, links to your website, any reminders you want to have in each newsletter will make your marketing less work. Including all the important elements in each campaign makes your ezine more effective for you.

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