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Posted on Monday, April 18th, 2011 by nancy.

….or any other of the email coupon services that are currently proliferating.

“A February 2011 survey by Yahoo and Ipsos found that US adult internet users subscribe to an average of almost three daily or weekly shopping emails or newsletters, and 56% of internet users subscribe to at least two of the emails.

And only 27% of internet users said they had a separate email account for such offers, supporting the fact that subscribers deem these emails desirable and relevant.” eMarketer Daily

Couponing is almost a religion to some people. But do you want to depend on those customers for your livelihood?

A bargain shopper is not a loyal shopper and enticing them once with a deal does not mean they will be back again…even if they are happy with their purchase.

Typically offers must provide a savings of 50% or more from the regular price.

If you’ve decided you still want to buy into the opportunity here are some strategies to make money on the deal.

1. Chose the product or service carefully based on one of more of these criteria:

  • Your margin is more than 50%
  • The product or service sold with other associated full priced items i.e. plants are the sale item and pots, soil, fertilizer are natural add-ons to that purchase.
  • There is a recurring billing opportunity that is not part of the original offer

2. Provide staff with a sheet of other products & services and go over with them in so everyone understands the importance of the upsell.

3. When the customer redeems the first offer give them another coupon with 10% or 20% off on another purchase at a later date.

4. Get permission to add the buyer to your ezine list

Participating in one of these coupons offers is not about making money, it’s about spreading the word about your business.  Make sure you are prepared to handle the volume of business that may come your way. Whether a customer is paying full price or a discounted price they expect the same level of service.

Carefully crafting your sale item choice and the strategy employed to extend that relationship with a new customer can result in a sustained increase in your customer base. Then you can put your new customers to work by asking them to spread the word for you.

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