Internet Marketing

Here are a few tips on web marketing.

  1. Create great content. People search for information on the internet and if you don’t give it to them, they won’t be back. Keep adding new content and information that is relevant to your target market/audience.
  2. If you have special qualifications to be in the business you are in, tell people and ask for links from any professional associations relating to your business.
  3. Search for other websites that are in the same business you are in and ask them to exchange links with you. It’s a question of strength in numbers and if you have a group of linked websites that offer similar but not the same information your website will be deemed more important by the search engines and will rank higher.
  4. Post to lists where people are interested in discussing your area of unique expertise. However, don’t be blatant in your promotion of yourself or you will be asked to leave the group.
  5. Write articles and post them on the web with a link back to your website in the bio/signature.
  6. If you have created your own product, set up an affiliate program so others will be out there marketing your product while you are working in and on your business.
  7. Use “pay per click” advertising. Google AdWords is cost per click advertising and there is a science to balancing the price you are paying for the traffic it generates, the quality of the traffic, and the effectiveness of the writing of the ads. You are penalized for click through rates that are lower than others tapping the same keywords. It’s a great advantage to be able to research keywords, see what others are paying for them, and see the top ads for those keywords.
  8. Viral marketing has been around for a number of years. Just like any other method, there are those who won’t try a product when it’s new, there are those that will only use it if they think it’s new, and then there are those who look at it as an opportunity to make improvements and fine tune the product to improve results.

If the thought of tackling all of these new tasks is daunting for you, contact us for marketing support or for help in preparing a strategy and a marketing plan.

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