Social Media Marketing Tips

– its a balancing act

social networkingDo you go for the mega list of connections or a smaller list of people you know?

Why not both?

For most people, it takes a bit of confidence and a leap of faith to start having conversations online in front of others, even if you are talking to people you know.

If you think about it, it’s just like getting into an elevator full of people and starting a conversation. It does happen fairly often, especially if you have something in common, like a club membership, you are both carrying shopping bags from the same business or attending the same conference.

Many of the conversations we have are within hearing range of everyone around us..cell phone conversations, chats on planes, public transit, walking down the street while talking with friends.

Most of us already filter what we say to suit the situation and whomever may overhear our conversation.

That’s not so different from interacting in Social Media.

So where to begin…

There’s a good reason social technology usually starts by asking you to find your friends. You have common interests and history with them so it’s easier to find something to talk about. Selectively search for the friends from your address book, connect with them and start a conversation.

Get comfortable chatting with them about topics you would discuss if you were gather at a coffee shop with a group of your friends and colleagues. Ask or answer a question talking back and forth to one another and when someone else comments, respond to them too. (don’t make your remarks so cryptic that no one else will understand if it’s your goal to expand your circle of contacts)

The more you find your own voice, express yourself authentically and show your true personality, the easier it will be to attract new people with similar interests.

Have fun…it’s called social for a reason.

…view it as a chore and it will drop to the very bottom of your to-do list…and we know what happens when we stop speaking to each other…the connection slowly dies.

Most conversations are just that, conversations. And even though they take place during business hours, on business accounts, the successful ones touch on a variety of subjects (with a common theme) , a bit of personal information, some opinions, some information …the last and least being a sales pitch delivered softly and subtily.

Still not comfortable diving in?

Listen for awhile until you read something you agree with and then tell them you agree. Compliment the writer or add something to what they said.

Everyone enjoys a sincere compliment and is likely to respond by saying “Thank you” at the very least.

If you get lots of response to something you know you’ve hit on a hot topic. Go into more depth, ask for opinions/experiences, then read and comment. This is your opportunity to engage and meet more, interesting people.

There are many social networks for you to participate in, some include people with a wide range of interests and others are focused on one topic or are made up of primarily one demographic group.

What is your Social Media goal?

Worried about how much of your time this is going to take and whether it’s worth it? Figure out what works best for you.

With a strategy and a system you can manage your social media marketing in an hour a day.

Contact us for help with your social marketing strategy and for Facebook page setup & integration on your website.

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