The One BIG Idea Branding Workbook

Attention Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs!
Are you looking for a more affordable way to grow your business?

We all know starting or building a business isn’t easy. With all the competition out there, your customers need to understand how you and your business are different.

But sometimes, it’s even hard for you to understand how your business is different. If you get wrapped up in looking at what the competition is doing, you may lose your focus. Perhaps you have even considered copying some of your competitors ideas.

Do you ever wonder whether you’re on the right track?

Do you ever contemplate what actually makes your business truly unique?

You are different! Being different is good. Being different is more than good… it’s vital. By establishing your unique differences, you’ll be on your way to creating a Brand! You will never have to think about your competition in the same way again.

The One Big Idea branding workbook is THE guide to branding your business. Talk about a clear, simple, effective resource for all your branding questions. It’s chock-full of important information and helpful exercises. Stuff you need to know.

I thought I understood my brand, but this workbook encouraged me to take a second look. Wow! I have learned so much about myself, my business and where I’m headed. What a valuable tool. I will definitely recommend this to my clients.”

Andrea Noble, Communications Specialist,

Get Expert Advice on Branding & Reap the Rewards!

With The One BIG IDEA Branding Workbook, you’ll learn how to harness the power of market positioning and branding. What is branding? This question and more will be answered in this clear, easy-to-read workbook.

Learn about…
• Yourself
• Your Company
• Where to Start?
• What’s a Brand?
• How to Become Creative
• The 8 Step Branding Process – important exercises included
• How to Set Goals
• How to Achieve your Hopes & Dreams!

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If you thought that it was too expensive to brand, think again. You don’t have to be generating millions of dollars in business or even have thousands of dollars to spend. And you can start today!

Hi, I’m Nancy Fraser and I‘ve spent the past 25 years working with small and large businesses. My company, Nota Bene Consulting provides results driven marketing and advertising to clients throughout Canada and the United States. Even established businesses struggle with marketing and come to me for expert advice. I’m here to tell you that when it comes to effective branding, size doesn’t matter.

The One BIG IDEA Branding Workbook will take you through the steps I used to build my brand and inspire my clients. Learn the secrets to success – market your business so that you do in fact have time to DO business.

I’ve always thought of “Branding” as HUGE and amorphous, and intimidating to attack.  What I like about your book is that you’ve structured an approach which gets you started in baby steps and breaks down “overwhelm”.

Visual Display Expert

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Once you have a clear vision of who your business is, you start to attract customers. If they are happy with the experience of doing business with you, they will tell their friends. So before you know it, your customers are doing your marketing for you. That means you can then spend your time looking after your customers making sure they have a great experience again and again…and they look after filling your sales funnel.

The One BIG IDEA Branding Workbook will help you discover how to communicate your differences so that your customers understand. A few creative branding tools and your business will explode!

Branding your business is about knowing who you are and what you want.

How often do you STOP and think about what you really want? I don’t mean daydreaming –  I mean setting a goal and planning the route to get there.

Are you ready to get started?

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There are many things that motivate people and fortunately since humans are primarily social beings, one motivating factor has always been the need to belong. Your brand will give others an opportunity to identify with you and belong to the group you represent in your brand.

The secret to branding is to attract and communicate a position that feels familiar, even comfortable. Learn how to express who you are and at the same time add some innovative elements that mark you as distinctly different.

Walk down the street in any major city and you will see people who flaunt their differences. In doing so, they become part of another group – one that is branded by any number of attitudes and looks that clearly identify which social group they belong to. Yet they think of themselves as unique.

Not only do we want to belong to a group, we also want to categorize other individuals into groups to make our lives easier. We want to know where we fit by recognizing where others fit. Our context derives from our relationship to others.

Do you have a better idea or way of doing things? Do you have a better product or service than what is currently on the market? Do you have trouble getting others to understand the benefits of doing business with you?

Nancy’s One BIG IDEA Branding Workbook came at just the right time for re-evaluating my annual marketing plan. This workbook forced me to re-think my current marketing strategies and define the most productive methods to communicate my brand to my customers. The process helped my team leverage our limited marketing budget by re-defining and focusing on what makes us unique.

~Susan Jarema, Googol Learning

Find out what Branding really is and how you can discover your own brand in The One BIG IDEA Branding Workbook.

There is no guarantee your business will be successful, the only guarantee is if you fail to take action, your results will stay the same or may be even less than they are now.

Learn how to create a relationship with your customers by creating an attractive brand and communicating it clearly.

Set up a marketing and branding system for your business by starting the exercises in this workbook today.

The One BIG IDEA Branding Workbook just $19.95.

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Risk Free Guarantee

I am so sure you will benefit from the information and exercises in this workbook that I will give you 100% of your money back within 3 months of your purchase, if after reading it and doing all of the exercises, you feel you have learned nothing.


We have made every effort to accurately represent this product. Results achieved are unique to each purchaser.

One BIG Idea Branding Workbook

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