A Little Jingle, A Little Jangle ….. but NOT into Your Pocket You Say?

a little glitter, some sparkling lights and …..where’s the joy?

What’s your marketing strategy to keep your non Christmas related business busy?

Christmas time is the big payoff time for retail gift based businesses; for many 70% or more of their total sales are generated between September through December 31.

What if your business is not seasonally driven?

An innovative sale, or limited time offer is a great way to kick start sales and get results immediately, however marketing is not about giving your products or services away to attract price conscious customers who buy once and are off looking for the next great deal.

Bargain shoppers don’t care if you are there the next time they shop because they aren’t looking for a relationship. They just want a cheap price.

A sustainable business is based upon loyal repeat customers. So how can you create a BUZZ around what you do/sell?

Work with the season, not against it!

Don’t send just any Christmas/Seasonal Card, send a unique eye catching card that will be noticed in your client’s place of business or better yet, design your own card.

Create something your customers love and they’ll talk about it, others will look at it and before you know it, you’ll have more visibility.

Reward your loyal customers with a special limited time offer.

The hook may be to send the difference in the regular price and the special price to a charity in their name.

Do something interesting/special and ask your customers/employees to get involved. Send out a press release about the activity and how others who are not yet your customers can participate.

Never be negative. Who says? Rand McNally was promoting a new line of maps at a convention one year. They purchased billboards in the 5 main corridors to the city with this message:




It was the most successful convention they ever had.

You have to get people’s attention to do business with them!

Write an article about business using phrases that get a high search volume close to Christmas. Add it to your website and post it to topical article directories online. You may even wish to trade articles with a colleague for your newsletters.

Give something away to capture email addresses to build your list for the future.

When January and February arrive you will reflect on what you did in December and you’ll be able to give yourself a kick or a compliment.

And if things went well and a little jingle and jangle did go directly into your pocket you’ll be able to party. Treat yourself, take the evening off and go to your favourite restaurant to celebrate.

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