Marketing with a Professional Business Card

If you are a business person chances are you hand out business cards to people who know you, but more frequently to people who don’t know you and are unfamiliar with your business.

When they look at your card, does it leave them wondering what you do? Does the quality of your card leave them wondering how professional you are?

If the card does not indicate what you do, how will they know if you can do something for them? What do you think is going to happen to that card when they arrive home or their place of business? Even if they file it in their card file, how likely are they to ever look at it again?

Your business card is a great marketing tool if it clearly communicates who you are and what you do in an appealing and persuasive manner.

Do you make excuses about your card, or indulge in long explanations about what your card really means?

And sadly, if you have to tell people what it means, they didn’t miss the point, but you did!

Your professional business card design should start with a simple, clean and powerful logo. The world moves too fast and people are too busy and time starved with their own concerns to spend much time learning what you are all about, especially if it seems complicated or worse yet, boring.

A well designed logo provides a mental trigger or link between you, your business name and the product or service you provide.

The “rule of 3” works well in professional business card design; grouping the information in 3 areas of the card and no more. Remember to include all of the information required on the business card. I have seen cards where the address of a store was omitted, the phone number of a business was missing or incorrect. Take a day or two to examine your card design before you sign off for printing. Ensure that all of the information is correct and that there are no errors, spelling, typographical or otherwise because once you approve it, any changes will cost you more money.

The hiring of a graphic designer to guide you though the process doesn’t have to be enormously expensive. Graphic designers work by the hour, so the more clear you can be in stating your goal and expectations, the less time the designer will spend making changes to produce a simple, effective design.

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