Marketing Plan Template

Marketing Plan Outline – A Business Essential

I. Executive Summary: Overview of the Plan

II. Challenge: Brief description of product or service including strategic goals, sales figures.

III. Situation Analysis:

Company: Focus, goals, strengths, weaknesses, market share.

Customers: Number, type, motivations, decision process.

Competition: Market position, strengths, weaknesses, market share.

Collaborators: Joint ventures, subsidiaries, distributors.

IV. SWOT: Strengths/weaknesses, opportunities/ threats

V. Market Segments: Description of each product line, percentage of total sales, what customer wants, how they use product/service, what kind of support is required, how to reach them, what price sensitivities exist.

VI. Alternative Marketing Strategies: Whether to increase or decrease line, re brand, reposition.

VII. Marketing Strategy: The 4 P’s…

Product: Name, quality, size of the line, packaging and warranty.

Price: Strategy for volume, and other things that may affect pricing such as; list price, discounts, packages, payment terms, finance options, lease opportunities.

Place: Distribution channels, wholesale, retail, direct, distributors, how to motivate sellers, criteria to evaluate sellers, locations, logistics of transportation, warehousing and delivery.

Promotion: Advertising, how much and which media, public relations, special promotions, budget and break even point, projected results.

VIII. Long and Short Term Projections: Include financial projections and the selected plans expected results and time line.

IX. Conclusion: Summary of the above

X. Appendix: Any material to support the conclusions stated in IX.

Download a free marketing plan template you can type and save your information into.

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