Marketing Support

We help you bring the pieces together so your marketing efforts bring you greater results.

  • Development of marketing plans & strategy.
  • Help with execution of your marketing plan

Social media marketing including:

  • Facebook page setup and integration with your website.
  • Twitter set up and website integration

Marketing Coaching Support

You find your self trying to make decisions regarding marketing endeavours in which you have little or no experience. Having a mentor to help you evaluate and make the best decision for your situation diminishes the pressure you feel and makes it easier for you to have confidence in your decisions.

We work with a limited number of clients one-on-one. Contact us for more information.

Website Technical Support

Technology is both amazing and frustrating at the same time. One day everything works and the next day nothing works. Wires cross, the stars don’t align and all of a sudden, as the old saying goes Houston we have a problem.

To minimize your technology stress and decrease computer migraines find out more about our website maintenance and technical support services.

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