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Spending your day trying to understand what went wrong on your website is never a wise use of your time.

Maybe your site is built using technology where a third party has control of your site – FOREVER and you want to make a change. You are tired of being locked in and know you could get better results and possibly reduce your monthly costs by breaking free.

Our goal is to build you a search engine friendly website that you or your staff can manage yourself in-house. When you work with us, you will enjoy the freedom of being able to control your own site and where it is hosted. That means you control your ongoing costs related to your website. We promise we will NOT hold your site hostage.

Although we specialize in WordPress we also build, modify and maintain sites built in html and php even those with content management systems..

We can ensure your website software is kept up to date to enhance your site’s security and as well as ensuring that you have access to the added features which updates sometimes include.

Plugins don’t always play well together and updating either your site version or plugin versions can cause problems with your theme and/or other applications installed on your website. We do your updates, check your site for conflicts and fix any problems caused by the updates.

WordPress Plugins

Need a custom application for your WordPress website or blog?

We can build a plugin in consultation with you, to suit your specific needs. An example is the work we did for

WordPress Themes

One of the advantages of WordPress is that a new design (called a theme) can be created and applied to your site. You can have a whole new updated look without incurring the cost of rebuilding an entire new site and moving all of your content over.

Time for a change?

Our website maintenance work is by the hour or on contract by the month. Choose the option that works for you.

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