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Posted on Monday, July 25th, 2011 by nancy.

Your website is a powerful asset in building brand recognition and credibility.

With a professional website, a bricks and mortar business can increase offline sales, according to a Yahoo study, by almost 50%!

So why do so many businesses think any website, no matter how unprofessional, not functional and very dated is OK?

…..because they have no plan and no real purpose for the site. They create a site because, “everyone needs to have a website”.

If your website is not professional looking and a true reflection of your brand, it’s better not to have one.

A poorly designed, badly coded site is often not found through search and that might be the best thing that can be said of it.

Why give people a poor impression of your business with bad graphics and content that leaves visitors with more questions than answers?

It’s not a craft project people…it’s your livelihood!

Can’t design your way out of a paper bag you say…

No problem.

With so many website design templates available at a reasonable price there is no excuse to have a dated, non-functional site.

Sites like Woo Themes offer many WordPress themes that can be modified to give you an economical and professional web presence.

  • If you can’t afford a logo – go without one – just use your business name.
  • Do come up with a positioning statement so people understand what you do and who does business with you.
  • Decide what you want your website to accomplish for you. Is it a lead generator, an online brochure, will it provide market research, will you sell goods online, or……?
  • What does your site need to include to answer the most typical questions you get from prospective clients?
  • Will you require customer support on your site or a forum where clients can ask and answer questions among themselves…or a blog?
  • How will visitors view your site? Is a mobile compatibility important?
  • Will you capture email addresses and send a newsletter?
  • Will social media be integrated and if so which ones?

Plan before you build. During the planning process get real and assess not only your skills but the time you have available for writing, updating and maintaining your site.

Set realistic goals for blogging and adding pages to your website, ones you can meet or delegate updates to a capable staff member.

Whether you decide to buy a theme template or have a custom theme (WordPress site design) designed for your business, careful website planning, taking into consideration your goals and your visitors usability of the site, will determine the site’s success and value  to your business.

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